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Bulls Service Breaks

The mission of the University of South Florida's Bulls Service Breaks Program is to raise awareness of social issues and injustices through education and intensive service learning experiences. With the goal of promoting service and cultural exchange on the local, national and international level, students are immersed in communities that will bring to the forefront social awareness and inspire lifelong action and friendships.


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Bulls Service Breaks provide a variety of low cost, week long and weekend service opportunities. There is no more powerful service experience than when students are fully immersed in new communities and social issues.

These opportunities not only contribute to a deeper understanding of:

  • Social Issues
  • Diversity
  • Service
  • Community


...but are often the sparks that ignite people to get involved in community service.

As a BSB Board Member, you have the great opportunity to help plan for these dynamic service experiences and gain skills in:


  • Event Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Fundraising
  • Recruitment & Marketing
  • Training & Facilitation
  • …and much more!


Interested in a leadership position with the Bulls Service Breaks Board?

  • Apply here to be considered for a director position on the 2015-16 BSB Board!
  • Apply here to be considered for a Coordinator or Developer position on the 2015-16 Board!


For more information, please contact Mallory Trochesset at 813-974-1641 or


BSB Board Structure


Click here to learn more about each position’s responsibilities.



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For more information about our Bulls Service Breaks program, please stop by the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement or contact Joanne Rodriguez , the BSB Advisor, at (813) 974-1641 or